Based on the great ethnographers of the 70s and 80s like Tuchman, Gans and Fishman, my thesis deals directly with what objectivity actually means, and who determines what it means. 
More specifically, I study diversity in newsrooms and the news values of homogenous versus "diverse" newsrooms. Does a majority white newsroom value different news stories over a majority Hispanic newsroom? Using quantitative methods to draw causal relationships, I will be sending out surveys to newspaper reporters across the country starting this spring. Want to be on that list? Contact me

independent study

Why are we so bad at talking about climate change?
This spring, I'm working on a project that is studying how we cover climate change, and how we can do better. I'm applying those lessons to a three-part video series about how climate has destroyed civilizations in the past. The series also covers how it forced others to adapt and become world leaders. Visually inspired by Vox's ALMANAC series and 1960s adventure cartoons like Jonny Quest (minus the casual racism) and written in the style of YouTube essayists, it's my scariest and most ambitious project yet. Look for it in May!
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