reporting & communication

multimedia intern | nasa goddard space flight center

  • Produced social videos about the ionosphere, OSIRIS-REx, and satellites measuring the ice over the poles.
  • Spent a lot of time researching effective live-streaming strategies.
  • Helped out around the center by giving tours, volunteering for events, and finding props for live-streams.

google news initiative fellow | nieman Lab

  • Reported the journalism about journalism, taking a particular interest in projects focusing on reaching marginalized communities or diversifying journalism. 

Multimedia intern | University of  Missouri plant sciences

  • Pitch and produce content around the most recent agriculture and drought science (and make it interesting). 
  • Work directly with scientists to produce this content, and work with other interns on different blogs.


Rural communities are some of the most politically disenfranchised when it comes to climate policy, and last year’s National Climate Change Report showed they’re also among the most at risk when it comes to the effect of climate change. This could mean stronger storms, more intense droughts and earlier freezes. 

While President Donald Trump has rejected the scientific evidence of climate change, nearly half of his voters — many in Midwestern states — believe in global warming, and most support funding renewable energy. This bucks stereotypes about a rural voting bloc that doesn’t care about the environment. And though rural residents may not use the words “climate change,” they can see it happening in their own backyards and farm fields. - read more

Assorted reporting

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